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Liloo Wear is the creative inspiration of designer and owner Vanessa Martin. Hailing from Switzerland and having graduated from the fashion design school, Istituto Marangoni of London, Vanessa was initially inspired by the "Leeloo" character in the science fiction film "The 5th Element". In traditional beliefs, the four elements (fire, water, earth, and wind) make up the physical structure of the universe. The fifth element is of a spiritual nature, and has been referred to both as "heart" and as "love". It is with this heart and love that Vanessa created Liloo Wear, a fashion line born to help women feel sexy and confident.

Feminine. Tribal. Chic. It's these three words that Liloo Wear try to embody in all of its outfits and accessories. The frequent use of lace emphasizes the feminine whilst samplings of leather and animal print are there to inspire every womans playful, wild side to come out and play. Our aesthetic celebrates the marriage between a more natural look but also with elements of high fashion. Everything can be a statement piece.

It is with the belief that making someone feel comfortable but also sexy and empowered...that is when real beauty shines through. First and foremost it's to please the person wearing our designs. That's the Liloo philosophy.