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Ayana Pants Print

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Fierce. Wild. And Rock and Roll ;) Edgy, Confortable and Versatile all in the same time. Wear them at home, for sport or to go out. Stretch Cotton trousers with lace detail along the legs. Wide elastics crossing on the hips like a belt tied around you twice. 2 smaller elastic straps on the left leg. Shape a bit wider at the bottom.


Material: Cotton - Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Size: S or M. The model of the Silver Black Reptile is wearing size S. Height: 173cm, Bust: 85cm, Waist: 70, Hips: 96cm.60kg

*note: The Dark Black Reptile color is 3cm longer than the Silver Black Reptile 

Color Size Total length  Inseam
SilverBlack Reptile S  100cm 87cm
Dark Reptile S 103cm 89cm

 Size M is 3cm longer and wider than S.

The model is wearing the Beige Croco one is size S. Height: 173cm, Bust: 85cm, Waist: 70, Hips: 96cm. 60kg                                                              Size S - Total length: 100cm, Inseam: 87cm.      Size M - 3cm longer and 6cm wider.

The model wearing the Brown Reptile w/black belt in size S. Height: 174cm, Bust: 81cm, Waist: 58cm, Hips: 89cmcm.

*note: The Brown Reptile w/black belt is 3cm longer than the Brown Reptile w/Leopard belt

Color Size Total length  Inseam
Brown Reptile w/leopard belt S  100cm 87cm
Brown Reptile w/black belt S 103cm 89cm

 Size M is 3cm longer and wider than S.

Brown Reptile w/black featured here with the Hooded Lace Top and Lucy Lace Kimono.