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Shinobi Hoodie

$58.00 USD

Kick ass in the Shinobi Hoodie, Ninja style..  Open shoulder long sleeves hoodie with a sporty kangaroo pocket and a zipper closing on the front. The sleeves end with a thumbhole for extra cocooning. Back detail: the Liloo teardrop in mesh net. In Cotton or Modal, both materials are luxurious for your skin. Lightweight, breathable and very absorbent, they soaks up sweat, allowing heat to escape the body and keeping you feeling fresh and cool all day long.

Modal (Black): Made from natural wood pulp fiber, Modal is biodegradable and classified as a BIO-based textile. Soft, stretch and confortable, resists creasing and has a smooth lustrous finish. Because modal is both absorbent and air permeable or breathable, it will feel cool to the touch when it s hot while keeping you warm when it s cold. It s a fabric that breathes, as nature intended.. Modal is positioned as an eco-friendly choice.

Cotton (Black and Grey): 95%COTTON 5%lycra. It s a bit less stretch and bit thicker material compare to the Modal that is thinner, soft and flexible, but offers more support. A cotton hoodie is perfect for all climates. Wear it in dry heat or humidity, just as in cooler places. Breathable and lightweight, cotton is a natural fibre that also allows for excellent air circulation and keep fresh. 

Sizes: S and M. The model wearing the black cotton hoodie is 172cm for 58kg and is wearing size S. The model wearing the grey cotton hoodie is 176cm and is wearing size S. The black cotton hoodie fits a little bit small. The other ones fit normally.