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Nehelenia Dress

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Be the epitome of sexy. Stretch fabric dress with asymmetric pixie cut, delicate tiered draping and lace finishing. Lace accents enhance the romance of this dress. Lace-finished neckline will flatter almost any bust. The back of the dress is almost completely exposed, framed by further lace detail all around the seam. Woven string detail with metal ring complete the look for this dress. Ruching detail on both sides can slightly adjust the length of the skirt. To get more breast support slide the big ring up till its maximum just behind the neck.

Sizes: Free Size. The printed ones fit a bit smaller than the solid colors.

Materials: 95% Viscose 5% Spandex, Lace finishing (lace can vary slightly from one production to another), Metallic adjustment ring

Hand wash

Measurements One Size
Body Length 67cm
Bust Width 33cm
Waist Width 28cm
Hip Width (above the ruffles) 50cm