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Versatile Fringe Skirt

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Wear this beautiful fringe piece any way you choose: as a Skirt down to the ground over. Can Lift up the front Section by tying the nets tegether to show off some knee, thigh or bare leg... Another trick is to pull the String at the bottom back of the skirt to make it a bit shorter and add some pleats and shape if you please; Throw it around your shoulders as a sexy wrap or Shall and tie the extremities around your waist to make it fixed; You can also tie it around your neck to wear it as a Halter dress (and enjoy the confortable feel of the stretch straps just where you need it ;) or, put it on your back then tie the ends behind your neck passing under your arms to wear it as a long fringe Vest.

Works great also with a Swimming suit on the beach as a Pareo Sarong or here the model is wearing it with the stretch Tube Dress under, printed or solid color (check the Tube dress in the Dress section)

And now it' s Your Turn to Play and Find New Positions/Ways to Wear it ;)



Size S: total Length (on the side, including the belt): 88cm

Size M: total Length (on the side, including the belt): 98cm

From S to M the difference is mainly in the length (size M is 10cm longer than size S), and the width is almost the same from S to M. You can see both sizes on the pictures where the 2 models are posing together here, the one on the Left is wearing size S (Grey/black skirt) and the one on the right is a size M (Pink/black skirt). Models are 174and 171cm tall.

*If you are around 170cm tall or more, I recommend size M.